Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

2012 Outdoor Solar Lights - Ideas For Solar Outdoor Lighting

Thank God for the invention of 2012 outdoor solar lights. It used to be, if you wanted to run sidewalk lighting, garden lighting, or other outside lights, you had to install a transformer, and bury tons of low voltage DC electrical lines all over the place. That was only the beginning of the fun. When someone decided to plant flowers along that path, or a dog decided to bury its bone, wires ended up getting cut or chewed up, and you had a repair project that needed to be done. Those days are finally over.

You can spend a lot on outdoor solar lighting if you want, but most solar lights are fairly cheap. And there is an amazing variety of lights to choose from. Just because a light is cheap doesn’t mean it is poor in quality. What’s great about these lights is, once you buy them, all you have to do is turn them on and place them where there is sunlight; and they do the rest. These lights contain a solar cell that gathers solar energy when the sun is shining and converts it to electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable battery. This battery stores the electrical charge during the day, and uses it to power your light all night long. Here is a project that won’t cost you an arm and leg; and anyone can do it.

It’s easy to get creative with outdoor solar lighting. There are solar patio lights you can use for an evening of entertainment on your deck, or solar spot lights to accent various features of your yard. Solar garden lights work well in lighting up various parts of your yard. Hanging solar lights can decorate, and provide lighting for an outside dinner party. Gazebo solar lights or umbrella solar lights can add a romantic touch. With this type of application, you don’t have the clutter of a bunch of extra wires you get with standard electric systems. Solar pathway lights help guests find their way to your front door. A solar powered street light works really well in the front yard. If you proudly display the flag, a solar flagpole light may be what you are looking for, and solar lawn lights can be placed all around your yard, to distinguish planter areas. In addition, there are also floating solar lights for the pool and/or for a pond.

Maybe you would like an attractive lamp post fixture in your front yard, but don’t want the expense of having an electrician run wires to it. There are companies like Gama Sonic USA that provide a solar lamp post fixture that is indicative of the late 19th Century. These lights can add a lot of class to your front yard. If you already have a light fixture in place, you may want to replace it with its solar equivalent, and may I say, save money on your electric bill? Replace that outdated technology and low voltage lighting system now. The Gama Sonic USA lights have super-bright LED's which use a special patented cone reflector to make the light even brighter. The gas-light design they have is classic in its design, and adds a real elegant appeal to your yard. The charged batteries light up six super bright LED bulbs and, you have a beautifully illuminated yard.

It may be that you want some motion detection lights, but don’t have the power source to operate them. No problem. They make solar lights that have a motion detector, which turns on like any other motion detection light.

If you want to create a unique and decorative touch to your yard, Aurora has glow string solar lights that are very pretty. You can even buy solar oil lamplights that come in a variety of colors. Solar lanterns are also available, which are very attractive. They come in white, or in a variety of colors, depending on the environment you want to create. What can also add a beautiful touch to a back yard is a solar butterfly, or solar hummingbird light. These come in a variety of colors that blink on and off and create a very tranquil atmosphere.

You can find sidewalk LED lights for under $4 each, when buying a group of them. Hampton Bay also has a very attractive Solar Pagoda Light for slightly over $6 each when purchased in an 8 pack. Better quality lights by Westinghouse and others are still close to $100 for a 12 pack.

Maybe you're new to solar energy, or maybe you already have a solar electric system on your home, or have a solar air conditioner. If this is your first experience with solar power, check out some of the other solar products that are available to you. When deciding what you need, look at both, the advantages and disadvantages of solar electricity. The sun supplies an abundant supply of energy. Why not plug into it?

With such a variety of outdoor solar lights 2012 available, you can get very creative in lighting and decorating your yard and lawn. The best thing is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to accomplish so much. Ideas for solar outdoor lighting are abundant. Check these out at your local home improvement stores, or online. I think you will be surprised at what you will find. You may end up being the envy of your neighborhood!

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